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Melissa Sanley

Melissa Sanley is making a big splash as a Soul, Pop and R&B singer who not only speaks from the heart, but sings from it too.

With long, flowing locks, a stunning smile and an exceptionally powerful voice, Melissa creates an immediate impact on audiences. Her unforgettable original songs and colorful videos show off her charismatic personality and vocal quality, tapping into her emotional center and attracting new fans.

This year Melissa has appeared on the cover of magazines in London, New York, Spain and Switzerland, laying the groundwork for her upcoming single releases. International press and critics rave: “Melissa Sanley has a spectacularly powerful voice, able to hit mind-blowing highs,” and “Melissa Sanley conquers the audience,” calling her “a diva on stage.” Others praise her “powerful voice with heart,” highlighting her “magical talent with charm and a fascinating voice.”

“Glamour” and “diva” perfectly define Melissa’s style, voice, beauty, and outstanding stage presence. Recognized as one of the promising new voices on the current music scene, she is able to transmit her incredible energy to audiences, mixing different styles with Soul to perfection.

During her career, Melissa has performed and collaborated with internationally renowned artists on important stages and recording studios, winning awards and recognition from the public and numerous European organizations. She has also used her talents to raise awareness for charitable foundations and associations.

“Staying true to my principles, working towards a well-defined goal and giving to others are the foundations of my life”

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